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“You’re the fellas (veterans) who altered your life to do the job. The service was a sacrifice and all of us who didn’t do it, should be very much aware of it.”
~ William Shatner

Glen is the founder of Phoenix Project and a former Naval Air-crewman who used to hunt and track pirates and submarines. Like many veterans who experienced a combination of mental focus and higher levels of adrenaline, he struggled to find that in his civilian life. He found it in rally racing and towards the end of his first rally race he realized the mental and physical benefits of being apart of a motor-sports team and decided to create Phoenix Project. Since that time he has been trying to build Phoenix Project to provide a great opportunity and experience to help other veterans going through the same challenges he has.


Inez is the first veteran to take advantage of Phoenix Project. As a former Navy flight deck photographer she now continues to enjoy photography and capturing beauty in the ordinary. Inez loves creating something more than a snapshot in time but capturing emotion or personal perspective in her images. There were two things she was not expecting from rally racing. The first is the welcoming, family atmosphere of the rally community. The second is the speed that the cars can carry through the woods. Inez is noted for saying, "When the first team Subaru cars came flying by me, I almost sh*t my pants, they were sooooo fast."


Leo is a member of the Army National Guard out of Bismark North Dakota. When not working or on duty, Leo is found in his local shop working on cars. He enjoys the eustress that rally racing brings to the table. As a rally car owner, Phoenix Project is happy to have Leo's excitement, mechanical knowledge, and HUGE heart. 

With autocross and stage rally experience, combined with his military background, he is a threat to the rally community.

Our first race together was the 2018 Tour de Forest Rally in Washington state where we finished 2nd in class on the National podium.

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