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If you race

you need a team 


and We want to help

one word...



As Phoenix Project grows so will our ability to help your team grow, in turn it will make motorsports grow.


By bringing on a veteran from Phoenix Project, you are providing a multitude of mental and physical health benefits that some veterans need to help fight suicide, substance abuse, depression, incarceration, and much more. The things that kept our veterans alive on deployment and in combat is what they need to stay alive and healthy now. By having a Phoenix Project veteran help support you, you are supporting them by giving them…



  • a TEAM



  • a socially acceptable outlet

  • an opportunity to be apart of something great again

we want to provide you with veterans that will help you through a race. We feel every race team wants or needs at least a...

 - mechanic

 - nutritionist / Chef

 - Photographer

IF you want to have a phoenix project veteran on your team, send us an email here.

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