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“After the war, my mental hands were empty.”
                                                     ~ Ian Fleming
We believe there is no such thing as an uninjured veteran.
Our overall MISSION is to provide each veteran a renewed sense of belonging through Rally Racing. Our goal is to provide a platform where veterans can hone existing skills, learn new skills, and find a healthy non-self-destructive outlet. We partner with top level schools and industry leading professionals that teach skills to our veterans who need those skills to be successful in their new civilian lives.
We also help our veterans take these skills and help provide them an opportunity to apply them to the highest levels of national competition at rally events around the country.
Your support allows Phoenix Project to give all veterans a competitive edge regardless of what obstacle they need to overcome. Your contributions help pay for the education, safety, race fee’s, transportation & lodging, and maintenance of the equipment. Without the help and support from our generous sponsors, partners, and mentors we cannot exist. 
Phoenix Project is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
What goes together better than the military and motor-sports? We don't know either. We are not the only people who see and value the healing properties that motor-sports brings.
Here is a great Top Gear video that shows some veterans on the other side of the pond, competing in rally, with mild "flesh wounds"...
Follow this link to view a local news story on Phoenix Project, HERE.
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